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Registration Policies

Bellani Maternity Registration Policies 

We ask that you read through these policies while registering for a class. Due to the complexity of the schedule, and the advanced registration process we can not accommodate late changes to class rosters. Thank you for your time and understanding of these policies. 

Refunds for Classes
First Week of Class - a refund will be given in the form of payment (i.e. credit card, cash or gift card), minus $20 fee for the first class and cost of any materials. 

Second Week of Class - No refund or store credit will be given back to the customer. Please inquire about switching into another age appropriate class, if there is availability. You are responsible to pay the cost difference, if any. 
If we need to cancel a class, you will receive a full refund or you may apply the amount to another class. 

What if I have to miss a class? 
We offer our customers the option to make up one (1) class per session. We make every effort to fit you into the class of your choice, however we can not guarantee a spot. Please make arrangements at the front desk. Make-up classes can only be made within that session. Make-ups cannot be carried over to another session and they will not be credited. There will be no refunds for missed classes. 

Additional Information 
Bellani Maternity does not recommend taking prenatal classes during 36-40 weeks of pregnancy, with the exception of yoga or fitness classes. If you choose to take a class during this time and are unable to attend due to an early birth or pregnancy-related issue a center credit will be issued with a note from your healthcare provider. If Bellani Maternity must cancel a class for a reason other than weather, such as instructor illness, we will contact families to schedule a make-up class. If this is not possible we will provide a pro-rated, class-only credit at Bellani. Due to allergy and food sensitivities, please do not any bring food, drinks or gum into the classroom for yourself or your child (this does not apply to Childbirth classes). 

Childbirth Education and Prepared Parenting
A registration in any of these classes is for one client and one guest - a partner, friend, nanny, etc. Additional guests (non-pregnant) may attend for a fee of 50% of the class cost. Please note: This does not apply to CPR. CPR is price per client. 
New Moms Groups
These groups are designed for moms and babies only. We're sorry, but no visitors/grandmothers etc. may attend unless previously approved by the group instructor. 

Mom & Baby Groups, Itsy Bitsy Yoga, Infant Massage
A registration in these classes entitles the client to one spot for a baby and one spot for an adult. If there is an additional child (twin) there is a twin registration fee of $75. If an additional adult would like to attend the class with the same baby, the client will be charged an additional 50% and will register two places in the class. We also offer the option of the client rotating which adult attends the class each week, whether it is another parent, grandparent, friend, nanny or other caregiver. 

A registration in any of these classes is for one client.